ATM-300 Anniversary

stereo power amplifier


ATM-300 30th Anniversary Version

In order to upgrade so-called “nostalgic” vacuum tube sound to that of contemporary nature, on the very occasion of the 30th anniversary, we A & M made an outrageous challenge to introduce an epoch-making power amplifier utilizing the second-to-none TA300B triode in combination with our accumulated, time-tested valve configuration technologies.
In the course of developing the original ATM-300 power amplifier, we were lucky enough to be favored with and epoch-making resurrection of the legendary WE300B achieved by our Japanese co-entrepreneurs Takatsuki Electric in the name of the TA300B, which spurred our ambition to renew our famed ATM-300 amp.
Ever since we designed our original ATM-300 about 15 years ago, we were aware of the big advantage of dual dumping positions,Negative Feedback (NFb) and Non NFb configurations.
At the deep feedback position tight and solid sound is expected while you’ll feel something refreshing and tasteful at the Non-NFb mode. Greedy as it may be, we tried to make both of the merits compatible at the same time. Even today many audiophiles keep admiring the old Western Electric 91B amps even though its specifications are inferior to those of what are available in the current marketplace,.

This time we dared to adopt an uncommon Feedback system contrary to the general tendency in the industry in favor of Non-NFb application, specifically, given to the primary wiring side of the power transformer instead of to the normal secondary side that boasts of physical advantages in terms of residue noise and distortion factor. On top of the traditional, time-tested circuitry, luxury componentsare lavishly employed even in tiny capacitors and resistors, not to speak of laser-cut sub-chassis made of thick pure copper. Naturally special care is paid to non-resonant structure composed of heavy, robust chassis, and indeed, none of the screw heads is made visible at a glance on the surface, which offers perfect integrated feelings of ultimate refined, beauty and ultra high-precision sonic instruments.

All are just for the peerless, sublime sonic quality, and enjoy your precious time with the Air Tight 300B amp of the 30th Anniversary Version to your heart’s contents.


Power Output
9 W+ 9W (THD 5 %)
Valves employed
300B × 2, 5U4GB ×1, 12BH7A × 2, 12AU7A(ECC82) × 2
1 % (1 kHz/ 1 W/ 8 Ω)
Input Sensitivity
290mV ( 9 W/8 Ω)
Dumping Factor
7 ( 1 kHz/ 1 W/ 8 Ω)
Frequency Response
25Hz~40kHz (-1 dB/1 W)

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