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LUXMAN 1956~1986

In the past 60 years, 30 with Luxman and 30 with Air Tight, I have been fortunate to witness the transformation of our industry. From the beginning with vacuum tube amplification to solid-state and the concept of analog playback to digital, all in the pursuit and re-creation of the musical experience.
It is a supreme honor for me to be included in The Absolute Sounds “Hall of Fame” and I will continue to contribute so long as I live, to the reproduction of high quality music. That is my promise and commitment. There is a saying in Japan, that when one reaches the age of 80, one receives an invitation from another world. And I always reply, “It is too early as I still have many tasks to achieve.”
I extend my appreciation to Messrs. Jonathan Valin, Robert Harley, and Julie Mullins for shining their light on our company by visiting and experiencing our Air Tight factory in Osaka, Japan. Thank you.

Atsushi Miura, President

  • In 1986 when the audio industry was in the midst of chaos losing its original peerless “dream” in the general shift from valves to transistors, our A & M Ltd. was founded with ardent wishes to create such products that provide full listening pleasure to all music lovers and audiophiles, thus enabling them to form an increasing attachment by repeated listening.
  • The philosophy is crystallised, through an exhaustive research and development, in the AIR-TIGHT branded audio gear featuring refined cosmetics, strictly select components, PCB-free point-to-point meticulous hand-wiring, etc.
  • The ultimate award is the infinite musicality that extends far beyond mere specifications, approaching the sublimate soundstage presentation, in full depth and width, of live performance.
  • Small as A & M is in size, we keep on giving a challenge for realisation of our grandiose “dream”. Have a startling experience to enjoy the second-to-none musicality only our time-tested valve configuration affords!

1986 April
A&M Limited founded. “A” comes from our founder Atsushi Miura, and “M” stands for Masami Ishiguro, designer and co-founder.
1986 April
The very first AirTight Power Amplifier ATM-1(Stereo, Push-Pull, EL34) released.
1987 April
Releasing ATC-1, Preamplifier with built-in phono equalizer.
Started to export to the United State of America.
1988 April
Releasing ATM-2, Stereo Power Amplifier (Push-Pull, KT-88)
1990 April
Celebrating 5th anniversary, release of ATM-3, Monoblock Power Amplifier (Triple Push-Pull, EL34)
1992 December
Released ATC-2, Line Control Amplifier
1994 April
Released ATL-10A, Remote Control/Passive Preamplifier
1994 October
Released ATM-4, Stereo Power Amplifier (Push-Pull, 6L6GC).
1996 October
Celebrating 10th anniversary, released ATE-2, Phono Equalizer Preamplifier
1998 October
Released ATC-3, Line Control Preamplifier
1999 December
Released ATM-300, Stereo 300B Single Amplifier
2001 October
Celebrating 15th anniversary, released ATM-211, Monoblock 211 Single Power Amplifier
2004 April
Released ATH-2A, MC Step-Up Transformer
2005 June
Celebrating 20th anniversary, released ATM-2001, the Flagship Power Amplifier (Triple Parallel Push-Pull, 6550)
2006 June
Celebrating 20th anniversary, released ATE-2001, the Flagship Preamplifier.
2006 November
Celebrating 20th anniversary, released ATM-1s, a renewal model of the original ATM-1.
2009 April
Released ATE-2005, Phono Equalizer Amplifier
2010 April
Released ATH-2 REFERENCE, the Flagship MC Step-Up Transformer.
2011 May
Celebrating 25th anniversary, released AirTight original Analog Records.
2011 December
Celebrating 25th anniversary, released ATM-3011, Monoblock 6550 Triple Push-Pull Power Amplifier.
2015 April
Starting of New design team
2015 December
Masami Ishiguro, Co-Founder & Chief Designer he passed away at the age of
2016 April
Celebrating 30th anniversary, released ATH-3 MC Step-Up Transformer
2016 September
Celebrating 30th anniversary, released ATM-300 Anniversary Stereo Amplifier (Single 300B) as 100 units limited model.
2016 December
Atsushi Miura received The Absolute Sound`s High-End Audio Hall of Fame Award.
2017 April
Celebrating 30th anniversary, released ATM-3211, Monoblock 211 Push- Pull Power Amplifier
2018 January
Released ATC-5, Preamplifier with built-in phono equalizer
2018 October
Released ATM-300R, the Reference 300B Single Stereo Power Amplifier
2019 July
Released ATM-2Plus, KT-88 Push-Pull Stereo Power Amplifier.
2019 July
Released ATE-3011, the Reference Phonostage capable of individually
select from 5 EQ curves for Roll-Off and Turn-Over.
2020 July
Released ATM-2211, 211 Single-Ended Monoblock Power Amplifier.
2021 February
Released ATH-3s MC Step-Up Transformer with GND Lift SW.


  • We established an ideal factory for the ultimate hand-made production of esoteric, top-notch valve gear.



  • We accept the inquiry about the product by FAX.

  • Tel/Fax : +81-72-668-1760
  • 1-20 Demaru-cho, Takatsuki, Osaka, 569-0076, Japan

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