Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Rectifying tube for ATM-300, ATM-300Anniversary and ATM-300R
Rectifying tube 5U4GB is installed for the models ATM-300, ATM-300Anniversary and ATM-300R when we ship.
In the case of ATM-300, 5U4G or 274 are able to replace 5U4GB though maximum power output may be decreased.
On the other hand, no other tubes than 5U4GB cannot be utilized in the cases of ATM-300 Anniversary or ATM-300R and out of guarantee as normal operation is not expected since circuit configuration is different. Please make sure not to utilize rectifying tubes such as 5U4G or 274B for ATM-300Anniversary or ATN-300R. ATM-300RLinkIcon ATM-300 AnniversaryLinkIcon ATM-300LinkIcon

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